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Picture someone you view as “successful,” and what image comes to mind?

Maybe it’s the scrappy entrepreneur who started in their garage and now works with 100 employees under them. Or the executive who has multiple assistants and thus doesn’t read her incoming emails anymore. …

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Did you meditate today? Complete your Apple Watch activity rings? Take 10,000 steps? Study ten minutes of French on your app? Did you floss your teeth?

When it comes to self betterment and personal development, there certainly is something to be said for the “every damn day” approach. By taking…

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In the final moments of 2021, I’ve been reflecting on what was perhaps the biggest change in my life in the last twelve months: It was the year I gave up on chasing prestige.

Several things contributed to this. One was when an ostensible career highpoint in 2020 turned out…

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I’ve always felt that buying holiday or Christmas gifts is mostly a drag. It feels forced and expected in a way that, for me, takes much of the joy of gift-giving out of the occasion.

Then there’s the fact that the times we’re living in don’t exactly scream festive cheer…

Rosie Spinks

Writing about how to create a meaningful life in a chaotic world. Formerly a lifestyle and business reporter. Find me: @rojospinks.

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