You’re simply not going to find what you’re looking for online.

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How reducing my workweek by 20% had an expansive impact on my life

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One hour of writing, three days a week, amounts to more than it sounds

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Dave Ramsey and I are ideological opposites. Listening to his show made me realize that doesn’t matter as much as I thought.

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Shifting to small town after ten years of city life has felt like a second adolescence

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Stop trying to ‘empty your mind’ of thoughts. Think of barking dogs instead.

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I’d be mortified if anyone read my daily tasks from the past year

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The power of saying ‘You don’t need to respond to this’

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Experiment with props, try new classes, and maybe even ditch your screen

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Don’t think of it as a phase or a reaction to difficulty. Think of it as an act of kindness

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Rosie Spinks

Writing about how to create a meaningful life in a chaotic world. Formerly a lifestyle and business reporter. Find me: @rojospinks.

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